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We Do Not Recommend

Although not exhaustive, the books listed are intended to provide accurate points of reference for those genuinely seeking information and awareness.

"BIA: We're Not Your Indians Anymore" - Various; Akwesasne Notes.
Wisdom Sits In Places - Keith Basso.
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee - Dee Brown.
Of Earth and Elders: Visions and Voices From Native America- - Serle Chapman.
The Trail of Many Spirits - Serle Chapman.
The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash - Johanna Brand.
Why I Can't Read Wallace Stegner - Elizabeth Cook-Lynn.
Custer Died For Your Sins - Vine Deloria, Jr.
Behind The Trail of Broken Treaties - Vine Deloria,
We Talk, You Listen - Vine Deloria, Jr.
God Is Red - Vine Deloria, Jr.
American Indians, American Justice - Vine Deloria, Jr.
Red Earth, White Lies - Vine Deloria, Jr.
Lost Bird of Wounded Knee - Renee Sansom Flood.
Native Americans - Jack Forbes.
Reinventing The Enemy's Language - Joy Harjo/Gloria Bird.
In Mad Love and War - Joy Harjo.
The State of Native America: Genocide, Colonization and Resistance - M.
Annette Jaimes.
Wasi'chu: The Continuing Indian Wars - Bruce Johansen/Roberto Maestas.
Now That The Buffalo's Gone - Alvin M. Josephy.
In The Absence of the Sacred - Jerry Mander.
Mankiller: A Chief and Her People - Wilma Mankiller.
In The Spirit of Crazy Horse - Peter Matthiessen.
Indian Country - Peter Matthiessen.
From The Heart of Crow Country - Joseph Medicine Crow.
House Made of Dawn - N. Scott Momaday.
The Man Made of Words - N. Scott Momaday.
The Soul of An Indian- Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman).
Speaking for the Generations - Simon J. Ortiz.
My Life Is My Sun Dance- Leonard Peltier.
Black Elk's Story: Distinguishing Its Lakota Purpose- Julian Rice.
Once They Moved About Like The Wind - David Roberts.
Great Pretenders: Further Reflections on White Shamanism - Wendy Rose.
Women of the Apache Nation - Henrietta Stockel.
Cheyenne Memories - John Stands In Timber.
Roots of Oppression - Steve Talbot.
Blue Horses Rush - Luci Tapahonso.
American Indian Holocaust and Survival - Russell Thornton.
Stickman- John Trudell.
Survivor's Medicine - E. Donald Two Rivers.
Wisdom's Daughters - Steve Wall.
Neon Powwow - Anna Lee Walters/Various.
Book of the Hopi - Frank Walters.
Native Roots- Jack Weatherford.
Killing Custer - James Welch/Paul Stekler.
The Earth Shall Weep - James Wilson.
Blood of the Land - Rex Weyler.

American Indian musicians perform an eclectic array of musical styles - the following artists cover the spectrum from traditional drum groups, singers and flautists to rock, rap, jazz, blues, folk and a fusion of both contemporary and traditional styles.

Delmar Boni.
Buddy Red Bow.
Tree Cody.
Northern Cree Singers.
Joseph Fire Crow.
Jesse Ed Davis.
Joy Harjo and Poetic Justice.
Young Grey Horse Singers.
Kevin Locke.
Black Lodge Singers.
Buffy Sainte Marie
Robert Mirabal.
Owicakeyakapo/Ikceya Wicasa Singers.
Sage Point Singers.
Porcupine Singers.
Max Roach Quartet.
Keith Secola & his Wild Band . . .
Joanne Shenandoah.
Dave Shilts
Arigon Starr.
Clarence Clearwater Toledo.
John Trudell.
Floyd Red Crow Westerman.
Frederick White Face.
Mary Youngblood.

We Do Not Recommend . . . .
Any material written by, performed, endorsed or otherwise
associated with or presented by:

Sun Bear.
Wallace Black Elk.
Ed McGaa.
Lynn Andrews.
Ruth Beebe Hill
Rolland Dewing.
Brooke Schiavi/Steve Schiavi.
Brook Medicine Eagle.
David Swallow, Jr.
Tim Swallow.
Richard Swallow.
Harley Swiftdeer.
David Wendl Berry.
Heather 'Moon Owl' Campbell.
Joe Chasing Horse.
Nick Wood/Sacred Hoop magazine.
Leo Rutherford.
Grandmother Twylah.
Kenneth Meadows.
Robert Ghost Wolf Franzone.
Douglas Spotted Eagle.
Sky Walking Stick Man Alone